College Skills
Smart Goals:
  The S in smart means specific.The M in smart means Measurable.The A in smart means attainable.The R in smart means realistic.The T in smart means timeframe.

What does SMART mean?
Specific- to say the excact thing.
Measurable- your goal has to be mesaured.
Attainable-must be something you can do.
Realistic-your goal must be able to be done.
Timeframe- it has to be beffor the year ends.

My SMART Goal?
Start paying attention in class five deays a week by the end of the year.

How am I doing with my SMART Goal?
Am doing perfect with my smart goal.

How do I use [[College Skills#|Cornell]] Notes?
First you write down the date in the top right corner.Then you write down the DLG [ daily learning goal ] and warm-up.Last you answer the warm-up and you wait until the teacher tells you the tittle.

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Cooperative Skills:
1.Break tesion and be friendly.
2.Learn to use names.
3.Arrange desk properly.
4.Use positive body laguage.
5.Be awer of eye [[College Skills#|contact]]
6.Lisen to others and take turns giving ideas
8.Be helpfull and assist to others
9.Dissagree in an agreeable way
10.Stay in task

I turored my frend.I turored her about math.I think it realy helped a lot because I asked her a question about math and she got it correct.After all that turoring her mom singed my paper.

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