What is a Mentor?
A mentoris some one you look up to.Like a teacher or [[#|a tutor]] .It means they show you new interesting and new things.there nice and a person you want to grow up to be like.That person shows you an example.

Mentoring Projects I have done:
A mentoring project I have done is to pick up trash with my sister, her friend ,and her baby brother.This relats to mentoring because I was the leader and I was shoing ´╗┐my friends baby brother how important it is to not liter and to keep the earth clean.
external image Cleaning-funny-Garfield-cartoon-image.gif

Mentoring [[#|Project]] Plan:
First what i did was that i told them what to do and then we started cleaning up the neighborhood.Then after one or two hours I told should them how to plant a flower then let them try.
external image clean_up_after_yourself.jpg

MR.crogrhan is makeing us do this because it chouse the value of how important it is to take carre of our world by doing mentoring.

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