Pathways to College

A college in which I am interested:
College name:CU

external image cu_buffalo.jpg

Colleges I have visited: Here I list colleges that I have visited, physically or virtually, and pictures from each. Please include a link to the school's homepage. I should have at least one picture from a campus I have visited in person by my 8th grade year.

school name, homepage link and a pic


external image denver_boone_medium.jpg

Aims Community College,

Or, imbed a link in an image and give the image a caption. See Below:
Aims Community College

Aims Community College

CU Buffalos

CU Buffalos

High School Comparison: This section needs to show that I have researched at least two high schools by my 8th grade year. I will need to show that I have researched at least ten specific criteria that are important to me in choosing a high school. To do this, I may create a "T" chart, table or any other display method where I can show my findings for each school and how it meets my criteria. My findings should support my ultimate conclusion of which school I will attend.

College Research: This section needs to be completed based on grade level.

Application Process: [All grade levels (6th, 7th and 8th) must complete this section] This section will include a description of the application process required to get into the college I have selected above. If the college I selected changes during my time in middle school, I need to modify this section.

Essay/Personal Statement: [To be completed by all 7th and 8th grade students] This section needs a personal statement that "sells" me as the best candidate to get into my college of interest listed above.
Remember, this essay is hard to do, but it is also super important. A good way to handle writing this is to come up with a powerful adjective that describes you (this adjective is the theme). Then, draft your essay in four parts:
1) Start with a story or quote that links to your theme
2) Explain one event in your life that shows how you have developed a strong ability in your personal adjective.
3) Describe ways that you are your adjective. Give three specific examples and explain how each relates to the theme.
4) Sum up your argument, and insist how your amazing abilities that come from your adjective make the best candidate.

[[#|Financial Aid]]([[#|FAFSA]]): [To be completed by 8th grade students only] To complete this section, I will have to complete a mock Free Application for [[#|Federal Student Aid]](FAFSA) application in class. Then, I will explain the process for completing FAFSA requests. To do this, I will grab the image of each page from MR. Croghan's CFES Elective page and transfer it to this section. Then I will give a short description of the sections on each page, what kind of information is asked on each, and where I needed to go to get the information.

College in Colorado:

Page Requirements:

Pathways to College page must include:
o A college (with it’s mascot) that serves as a college of interest for you, along with an image from the college or its logo
o A college visit section with pictures and captions of colleges visited
o A high school comparison section
o A college research section (broken into three parts: 1) Application, 2) Essay/Personal Statement and 3) Financial Aid/FAFSA)

Refer to the model page above:

You may copy and paste the material, just be sure to remove anything that is printed in red. The red text is there to remind you of each section's requirements. Please keep in mind that you can always change text size, font and color to your personal preference.

Important!!!! Remember: Do Not Include (for the purpose of internet safety)
o Never include your last name
o Never include your home address, phone number, e-mail, social networking info, social security number or student ID
o Never include your schedule or other personal information that could give hints to where you will be at specific times
o Never put a photo of just you, and never include the names of students in your photos.

[[modelcfesgrant:Pathways to College#|help on how to format text]]

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