Service Leadership
Six Basics to completing a service learning project: (adapted from Peace Jam Foundation: Leaders Guide 2007)
1) Identify an Issue
2) Research the Issue from Multiple Perspectives
3) Create an Action Plan
4) Do the Service Project
5) Reflect on the project and make improvements
6) Celebrate Accomplishments

Service Projects I have done: What I did was go dumping with my dad.This happend on 04/15/ role was to make sucher he was dumping every think in the ground.

Service Project Proposal: A issue was that my dad needed to go dumping but he needed help.I ofered to help and he said yes so I asked my sister to come with me.The plan was after we are done eating we were going to go dumping.After we were done eating we go on the truck and headed to the dump but, there was a lot of trafict and I needed to get home at 8:00 so my dad whent the long way were there was no trafict.I think to not have goten the long way we could of gotten before eatting.When we got home i was happy because I was home early.
external image Services_icon.176114949.jpg

Reflections:  Its made me think about when I whent with with my dad dumping it helped alot of people.There's alot of people that needed the trailer empty.Like his boos the other workers.So when he went back to work they can put more thinks in it.