Work Samples:This section is where I paste examples of my work. I only need the two writing samples (one from another class and one that I submitted to the school newsletter). The other sections are optional, but highly recommended, for the 2010-2011 school year.

Writing Samples:

Book Reports:

Math Samples:

Social Studies research papers/projects:

Science Projects:

Other Projects:

Page Requirements:

Work Samples page must include:
o This section will have one or more scanned or typed samples of student work
o This section will have at least one article that a student has submitted to the school newsletter or other publication

Refer to the model page above:

You may copy and paste the material, just be sure to remove anything that is printed in red. The red text is there to remind you of each section's requirements. Please keep in mind that you can always change text size, font and color to your personal preference.

Important!!!! Remember: Do Not Include (for the purpose of internet safety)
o Never include your last name
o Never include your home address, phone number, e-mail, social networking info, social security number or student ID
o Never include your schedule or other personal information that could give hints to where you will be at specific times
o Never put a photo of just you, and never include the names of students in your photos.

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